Reebok Crossfit Nano 8’s Review

The Reebok Crossfit Nano 8’s has a couple standout compared it to previous models. This Reebok construction has a separate bootie which is independent of the outer shoe material. Its flexibility gives a limiting feel in movements where you can even wear them barefoot. The only issue with this Reebok would be where it becomes loose during the movement. A connective piece between the shoe heel and the booties aids in movement and if it is snapped, you will land into a problem. Another feature is the flex-weave material designed in a cross-weave way which feels a bit rougher. This material allows flexibility, durability and resilient during rope climbs which would sometimes cause shoes to fray.

The bottom design, toe box, sole, and heel cup features. Comparing this nano to the previous model, its toe box is slightly wider. The plastic heel cup is similar to Nano 7. The sole has a solid base feel during multiple movements and it is pretty hard. A bottom sole design which is wave-like material provides grip on multiple surfaces.

For functionality purposes such as power cleans, back squats, wall balls, box jumps, and rope climbs are just amazing. A little extra support is provided by the shoe features during these activities. The wider toe box and flex-weave make it easier during hill climbs and no early signs of wear and tear. During wall balls, the shoe has the ability to flex when hitting ankle extension.

Nano 8 has few stability aspects to go for. The sole hardness makes pretty heavy foot strikes if you decide to run. A slight feeling of being locked in is provided by the heel cup when performing lateral work. There are seven shoelace eyelets that are of subtle benefit, especially to athletes.

All in all, the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8’s has restored some faith in the Nano line-up. Price for this special shoe is $130.00 which is quite standard.