Vibram FiveFingers Mens Speed XC Review

Before now I really did not think of every wearing barefoot, or minimalist shoes, I really thought there were not some good type of shoes to wear for any reason until I actually tried Vibram FiveFingers out for the first time. These shoes were actually made to fit into your five fingers such that it feels like you are on your barefoot. After my experience with wearing these shoes, this is what I have to say about it.

Firstly, I would give you a brief explanation about what Vibram FiveFingers are. Vibram Fivefingers are some type of minimalist shoes that was manufactured by Vibram. The shoes were originally marketed as a better alternative shoe for various outdoor activities such as Kayaking, after-hire shoes, sailing and so on. The shoes are just like ones barefoot with thin and flexible soles that which are contoured to fit the shape of the human foot, it has a visible section individually for each toe.

The shoes are made in different sizes and styles which include sprint, TrekSport, Speed, Classic, Flow, Fivefingers KMD sports, KSO Trek and so on, with men’s styles Trek LS, Fivefingers Mens speed and others. One amazing fact about these shoes is that it is made for Men, Women, and Children which means everyone can own a pair of these shoes.

Vibram FiveFingers are made of different materials with basically depends on the style of the shoe. The most common material are Vibram TC-1 performance rubber. This rubber makes up the sole of the shoes, which is contoured around the user’s foot such that is no different from the human foot.


· The shoes are grippy. Vibram FiveFingers shoes are made with enough sole and toe flexibility that gives you a solid, full-footed grip.

· The usual pressure on the knees when walking with shoes is taken away. This is so because of the shape and the molding that is contoured round your foot which absorbs the shock that usually comes with striking the ground when walking

· You can move your toes freely. Unlike the traditional shoes that restrict your toes, the Vibram FiveFingers has provisions for each toe to move freely as it is shaped like a human foot.

· Vibram FiveFingers shoes allow for greater use of the entire foot as they minimize the force impact on the foot and muscle when controlling the legs.

· It gives your foot ability to perceive where it is in space and how close it is to other objects.

· It is very good for running and jogging.


· No insulation from the elements

· Increased risk of plantar fasciitis

· Some body parts may overcompensate after running with Vibram FiveFingers shoes, which may lead to injuries


Vibram FiveFingers shoes are very fine by me and I have recommended to a lot of friends who love camping and this shoe is actually the choice of shoes to wear when going such events.

Generally, the shoes are not that expensive, which makes it very affordable for anyone who would like to enjoy some outdoor activities with a free foot.