Oetzi Troop Boot Review: Sophistication with a Purpose

Inspired by the prehistoric Oetzi man, OTZ shoes have been making a great comeback in the world of fashion. These fashionable and attractive boots are sure to create a statement when it comes to the uniqueness of their design. Not the one to be left out when it comes to style, The OeTZI3300 OTZ1 Troop Leather Boots exudes an aura of minimalistic sophistication that can help complete a casual getup.

This mocha-colored OTZ shoes is made from water-resistant leather that is suitable for various weather conditions. It can keep your feet warm during winter, but still complement your getup during spring and summer. Likeable to a military style footwear with a twist, this item is made from Hydroguard lining that keeps the water out along with anti-slip soles to give you a steady grip when walking. Its 10 eyelet holes need to be tied up in order to make it ready for wear.

The CorkFit padding of the OeTZI3300 OTZ1 Troop Leather Boots conforms to the shape and structure of your feet and its breathable material allows you to move your toes about while lessening the occurrence of it getting wet and sweaty with prolonged use. Also, the anti-microbial quality of its CorkFit padding ensures the integrity of your feet without the high chances of acquiring unlikely odor that could eventually lead to a footwear inconvenience – if you don’t mind its non-zero drop feature.


– Stylish and highly attractive style

– Mocha color creates a strong statement

– Made from water-resistant leather

– Hydroguard lining keeps the water out from the footwear

– Soles are built to prevent slipping

– Material is breathable

– CorkFit padding adjusts to your feet’s structure

– CorkFit padding also comes with an anti-microbial quality


– Number of eyelet holes might be a bit too much especially if you need to take the shoe off or wear it in a hurry

– Soles are thin

– CorkFit padding might be too thick especially if you want something really thin



There is no denying the fact that this pair of OTZ shoes exceeds expectations in terms of style. The mocha color is a stand-out and the boot’s minimalistic cut and design helps deliver an air of subtle sophistication. Its features are simple and uncomplicated. You have a water-resistant footwear that protects your feet from the cold and snow. Anti-slip soles help prevent you from slipping on a wet surface.

To add up, you also get an anti-microbial CorkFit padding that adapts to the shape of your feet with prolonged use. The first few uses could be uncomfortable as it molds to your feet’s structure. However, once it does, it could serve you better support when wearing the item.

The OeTZI3300 OTZ1 Troop Leather Boots can be worn in many different styles depending on your preference. You can go wear it with a pair of jeans for a snug and warmer fit. You can also pair it up with a neat dress or even use it in combination with your favorite shorts. The choice is yours.