Fut Glove Zum Review: A 5-Toed Footwear That Gives a Comfort of Maximizing Feet Performance

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for your outdoor adventure just got better with the Fut Glove Zum. With its built created to make you feel like you’re just using your bare feet when at the outdoors, you don’t have to settle for anything else in terms of comfort. Built with premium-quality materials and an efficient 5-toed design, this handstitched footwear can guarantee better footing, lesser chances of injury and an almost natural feel on any kind of terrain.

The Fut Glove Zum Warrior Athletic Shoes is hand-stitched using a durable cotton and suede material for its upper lining. With a camouflaged design and high-quality Indian rubber soles built with individual sockets for each toe to move independently, the item takes on the normal form of the feet, making you feel as if you are not wearing any constrictive footwear at all.

The inside portion of this item is comfortable and breathable because of its cushion padding and Lycra material. For its midsole, an ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) composition gives you a comfortable sensation, preventing the occurrence of blisters and uncomfortable sole compressions. And in order for the shoe not to get discolored and smelly, an Aegis Microbe Shield serves as its protection to help prevent premature damage.


– 5-toed design which molds with the natural shape of the feet

– EVA midsole material gives a cushioned feel in the middle of the feet

– Cushion padding and Lycra material promotes better breathability

– Aegis Microbe shield reduces smells and discoloration

– High-quality Indian rubber soles delivers comfort

– Cool and striking camouflaged design

– Handwoven and made with premium cotton and suede material

– Structure is built to give you better grip and control of your feet


– Not recommended if you don’t like 5-toed footwear

– Structure of suede material could get damaged if you don’t know how to clean it well

– Not recommended if you don’t like camouflaged designs

– Lycra material could pull water in



Just like all footwear coming from Fut Glove, this Zum Warrior athletic shoes fits just similar to a glove. If you want something to wear that could give you a better grip on the ground such as climbing terrains and slippery slopes, running on wet concrete, or even walking on stony paths, this item fits just what you are looking for.

This item makes it possible for you to move about using the normal form and structure of your feet. Since it is built with padded cushions and authentic, high quality materials, you can walk about comfortably without the heavy pressure of hurting your feet or getting uneasy. Also, extra care is given to its handstitched structure, giving you an assurance in terms of detail and quality construction.

It’s webbed-like structure isn’t made for an all-purpose outdoor activity since it deviates from the usual sneaker construction. However, if you have an activity coming right up that would require you to use the powerful grasping ability of your feet, then this footwear is the one to go.