Reebok Realflex vs. Nike Free

Reebok is one of the leading sportswear and fitness brand which introduced their cool collection of RealFlex footwear. It is a running and training shoe which delivers on both categories; barefoot and minimalistic footwear. The shoe is extremely flexible and is engineered with 53 flexible friendly nodes which is placed at the bottom of the shoe and it helps the natural movement of your feet. These sensors are strategically placed which flexes and moves throughout the stride. It promotes flexibility and protects the feet from the issues of barefoot running. The result of this shoe is deliverance of barefoot running with the protection of a traditional athletic shoe.

The RealFlex technology uses a special type of rubber which is designed for ultimate weight reduction, comfort and stability. The material that is used dominantly is polyester which makes the shoe lightweight and gives the wearer a breathable feel.

Nike Free is a competitor to the RealFlex series. It is a minimalistic running shoe. The focus of bringing this shoe to the market was to provide a pair of shoes for multi – sport training. With the changing rigors in training and running the evolution of footwear was a necessity which was met by Nike. The upper side of the foot has eye catching design and its high performance aptitude sets it different from its competitors. The dynamic fit helps in adjusting and supporting the foot from the rigors of running.

The latest version in the series of Nike Free imitates the feeling of being barefoot. The outsole is designed in a way that each inch of the foot can flex naturally.

Pros and cons Reebok Realflex


It has independent nodes for flexibilityIt is extremely light weightTo alleviate the vagaries of long runs the shoes have cushioning and shock absorbersThe feet remain closer to the groundThe best part about this shoe is that you feel exactly the way that it was marketedThe shoes seem to be made with durable materials to withstand the rigors of running


Many appreciate the snug fit but some have raised their displeasure regarding the cushioningThe individual nodes give an uneasy feeling especially when we move from side to sideSome have also complained about the feeling of falling and tripping because of the nodes


Pros and cons Nike Free


It has superior upper fitCushioned wellSupremely flexibleThe flexibility gives a feel of barefoot runningThe upper foot is highly ventilatedIt retrains the muscles and strengthens the feet


It is not spot – on to sizeIt does not come in widthsThe narrow toe box is not comfortable for some foot types


The Reebok RealFlex is a great option for those who are looking for performance efficiency in their training shoes. It is a sweet juxtaposition of stability, flexibility and comfort which provides an amazing running experience.

The Nike Free are the must haves in the daily shoe wardrobe which are ideal for walks as well as runs and are comfortable to be in whether it is the office, school or home.