Reebok Realflex Review: High-End Footwear That Exudes Quality and Durability

Reebok is a brand a lot of people trust when it comes to style, quality and comfort. Among its wide variety of shoe items, the Reebok Realflex creates a stunning contrast with its blue, grey, black and white color combination packed with crisscrossed patterns that gives it a sharp and cool look. Made for running, this item delivers a comfortable feel that delivers a high-standard quality, inherent to all Reebok shoe models.

This product is created for running long distances. It is flexible and supports the feet’s ease of movement with its breathable and soft cushioning made from synthetic mesh. Its rubber soles protect your feet from the hard ground surface even if you have to walk or run for a couple of miles. The Reebok Realflex also comes with flexible nodes that makes it easier for your feet to move about in a natural motion without the hard, constricting feel.

With a sock liner enforced with better cushioning material, your feet remain snug and comfy for hours to an end. Its molded heel also gives you a better grip on the floor especially when you have to stop abruptly and attain stability after a long run. If you want something simple with a subtle impact to boot, this running shoe from Reebok fits the bill.


– Cool and stylish shade of blue, white and grey crisscrossing patterns on the upper shoe surface

– Breathable mesh material

– Flexible nodes help promote better movement when running

– Sock liner with cushioned foam pads protect your feet from the hard ground surface

– Heel improves better grip on the floor even if you have to stop abruptly

– High-quality built coming from a reputable shoe company

– Lightweight


– Could get too tight upon your first few uses as the material still tries to adjust with the form of your feet

– Dirt could look too noticeable on the white patterns

– Toebox might be a bit narrow for individuals who have wide feet



The Reebok Realflex is built with the right features made for running. It is cushioned to help prevent your feet from getting blisters and dents for longer hours of exercise. It is breathable to allow your toes to move about and not get too cramped up inside it. The footwear is also flexible enough to allow your feet to shift inside according to your running activity.

Made with lightweight mesh material, you don’t have to go about dragging a heavy footwear that could literally hurt your feet in the long run. The Reebok Realflex ensures that you can enjoy your workouts, training or even normal sporty occasions to be as convenient as possible. It can be used for multiple outdoor activities despite being labeled as a running shoe.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that is sure to last not just for months, but years and many more to come, this Reebok Realflex is something worth looking at. After all, with a good and established reputation, you don’t have to doubt about the performance and quality of all Reebok products.