Vibram FiveFingers Mens Speed XC Review

Before now I really did not think of every wearing barefoot, or minimalist shoes, I really thought there were not some good type of shoes to wear for any reason until I actually tried Vibram FiveFingers out for the first time. These shoes were actually made to fit into your five fingers such that it […]

Oetzi Troop Boot Review: Sophistication with a Purpose

Inspired by the prehistoric Oetzi man, OTZ shoes have been making a great comeback in the world of fashion. These fashionable and attractive boots are sure to create a statement when it comes to the uniqueness of their design. Not the one to be left out when it comes to style, The OeTZI3300 OTZ1 Troop […]

Reebok Realflex vs. Nike Free

Reebok is one of the leading sportswear and fitness brand which introduced their cool collection of RealFlex footwear. It is a running and training shoe which delivers on both categories; barefoot and minimalistic footwear. The shoe is extremely flexible and is engineered with 53 flexible friendly nodes which is placed at the bottom of the […]